Amjadali Healthcare Private Limited Accessible & Affordable Healthcare platform Presents OMED Clinics & BIKE DOC to provide quick Emergency & complete quality Healthcare Services @doorstep or @nearby Clinics 24×7. 

Founded by Ummi Ajami a clinical Nutritionist cum Businesswoman (Online & Networking businesses) & Dr. Amjad Ali an MBBS-MD from Ukraine, Worked with WHO, UNICEF, Government & Private Hospitals for 16 yrs. He quit his job in 2017. Before developing our unique telemedicine equipment & Bike Doc Kit. He worked as telemedicine consultant & private practitioner to find the gaps in tele-consultation and develop a perfect model to provide emergency & quality healthcare services anytime anywhere on affordable charges specially for the rural & underserved areas. 

OMED Bike Doc Emergency & quality healthcare services 24×7 @ doorstep by her Unique product Bike Doc (A Bike like ZOMATO with Diagnostic devices, Pathology kits, Emergency drugs arrives & connects with Doctors on Video Call) & @nearby location like Blocks, Bazaars, Medical Stores, Petrol Pumps by our another product  

OMED Clinics (A Telemedicine Center with Diagnostic, Drugs, Ambulance & unique Bike Doc services) OMED Clinics & BIKE DOC are the only Healthcare platform to provide quick Emergency & complete quality Healthcare Services @doorstep or @nearby Clinics 24×7 on affordable charges especially to the rural underserved & urban congested areas. 

They are giving an opportunity to increase the revenues for Hospitals, Doctors, Medical Stores, Ambulances of nearby head quarters by partnering with us, They also target Petrol pumps (Because of rationalized geographical presence and 24×7 operations) There  OMED Clinic & Bike Doc creates job for Paramedics specially female Nursing staffs (Because female are best in Nursing care & It will also boost the women empowerment)  

In an Emergency or to get quality healthcare services people do not  require to travel to far Towns/Cities/Metros & pay out of pocket, They can just book our BIKEDOC @Home or visit our Unique OMED Clinics  nearby & consult with Famous specialists (Online & Offline) from Top Hospitals of nearby Districts/Metros along with Diagnostic, Pathology, Drugs & Ambulance facilities.  Anyone can consult a Doctor on video call in an Emergency or can book an Ambulance/Bike Doc Just like OLA.  

They developed their Tele medicine Equipment and special electronic stethoscope which is most Economic (Easy Franchise) works live (Patient & Doctors like continuity) easy to use (Saves Doctor’s time) it connects with nearby Familiar. During consultation Doctor can chat directly with the patient on video call, examine ear, nose, throat, eyes, Doctors skin etc. with oto & derma scope, can hear fetal, chest and heart sounds with Doppler & stethoscope, can see X-ray, CT films, reports with the help of X-ray viewer & special scanner all these functions are live/real time basis. 

Integrated healthcare service through the technology enabled platform & Qualified network of Doctors/Hospitals and specialists addressing Efficacy of treatment.  

Cost of treatment – Cost of delivery (diagnostics and consultation) is >50% cheaper than the nearest private Doctor / Centres/ Hospitals.  

 OMED Clinic– Accessibility to last mile service delivery present within 10 km of the patient, the integrated service delivery of low-cost healthcare services enabled by technology, addresses the gap of availability of Emergency and affordable healthcare services in our target markets (Rural population)  

OMED. Bike doc (GPS based Bike Ambulance like ZOMATO with technology enabled system) quick response in Traffic & Accessibility to Congested, Terrain and underserved areas. 

Getting Ambulances & Bike Doc (Online Doctor on Bike Ambulance with medical kits & emergency drugs) in emergency is easy on their OMED App just like UBER. 

Their OMED Bike Doc & OMED Clinics creates job for the paramedics & gives opportunity to get more patients, increase earnings to the Franchisees especially New Hospitals, Doctors, Diagnostic Centers & Ambulances by partnering with us. 

Hospitals can establish their branches and widen their presence in larger geographical areas in collaboration with us at very low investment. 

Currently there are 0.7 million Doctors in India and the Doctor Population ratio is 1:1850 (WHO recommends 1:1000) Out of 0.7 million doctors 0.65 million doctors are located in Urban or Metros So high number of Doctors/Hospitals are unable to get adequate number of patients. 

OMED Clinics & Bike Doc Bike are the best and only way to provide affordable, quality and Emergency healthcare services on time in Congested Urban or Underserved Rural Areas. 

  • Thyrocare, Netmeds: – Services @Home is limited to Blood Collection & Medicine Delivery 
  • Apollo-ATHS: – Costly & complicated equipment, limited Doctors & are not from Nearby area  
  • Lybrate, Practo: – Only Doctor’s Appointment & Online consultation. 

Future plan of AAH PVT. LTD. 

  1. To establish one Omed Clinic in Every Block 
  2. One Bike Doc on every 20000 population 
  3. Establish or Empanel at least one Hospital (Best) in every District  
  4. Establish or Empanel at least one  Tertiary Care  Hospital (Best) in every  State 
  5. Launch in other Developing Countries. 
  6. Drone Doc (Ambulance) for quick response.  
  • Partnership with Petrol Pump owners to establish Omed Clinics. 
  • Approach to Pvt. Hospitals for Franchise of our Omed Clinics & Bike Doc in their respective area to expand their Network/Branches. 
  • Recruit Paramedics especially Female nursing staffs for OMED Clinics & Bike Doc for best care. 
  • Partnership with Pvt. Hospitals to provide services of Doctors, Ambulances, Diagnostics etc. on our platform. 
  • Empanel at least one Tertiary Care Hospital (Best) in every State/Territory to provide complete & best care to Her customers. 
  • Branding of Her Product by Actor/Cricketer & Launch in all states through Brand Ambassador & TV Channels.  

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