Alibaba Cloud’s journey began when data from different business units was stored separately. They basically brought all that together and made the Alibaba Cloud. The migration of Alibaba’s core ecommerce system to the public cloud was a defining moment for the company as it not only brought about greater efficiencies but was also a way to build greater confidence in customers to migrate their operations to the Alibaba Cloud. 

Alibaba Cloud has deployed infrastructure globally, with over one million paying customers, 2,800+ Content Delivery Network (CDN) nodes worldwide across 200+ countries and regions, 63 availability zones and 21 global regions. “This means that we are operating at the scale at par or better than other player.

The decision to move to the cloud was not an easy one. In 2009, there was a huge split on whether to venture into the cloud. Some of the engineers said we should move everything to the cloud while the others doubted if we can make it happen. Ultimately, we decided to move into the cloud.

From supporting businesses to promoting education and ensuring timely support reaches health professionals treating the coronavirus, the cloud has impacted life in unprecedented ways.

Cloud service With many tech giants across the world cancelling their flagship events, China’s own Alibaba Group has served up a novel solution.

The world’s third-largest cloud service provider, Alibaba Cloud has been working with enterprises and offering bespoke Cloud solutions to help companies overcome their challenges. In addition to Cloud credits, the company has offered products such as Elastic Compute Services, RDS, OSS, DCN, Anti-DDoS Premium, Web Application Firewall, Data Transfer Plans, Server Load Balancer, and ApsaraVideo VOD.

The China-based company also announced that its cloud revenue had grown 62 percent to $1.5 billion in 2020. Merely a decade after it was founded in 2009, Alibaba Cloud is the #1 cloud provider in Asia Pacific and #3 in the world. 

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