Apple’s iPhone 12 family is expected to take place in early September.Traditionally a Tuesday event, there’s now a suggestion that Thursday September 10 is an option. The date listed for the video going live was September 10 (first image in tweet below showing date in European format). While it’s possible the slip-up could have revealed when Apple is going to have its iPhone 12 event, September 10 was also last year’s iPhone 11 event date. Maybe the date for today’s YouTube test remained the same from last year?

The iPhone 12 will be getting 5G, Apple is finding ways to cut costs. And this should result in a price won’t induce sticker shock in the middle of a pandemic.

Before launch of Iphone 12 there are lot of question trading on internet

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In order to make room for the 5G technology within the iPhone 12, Apple has reduced the number of layers in its cells, and shrunk their total size, according to Kuo. Apple has also put more pressure on all its component suppliers to make sure it can get the parts it needs at the lowest price.

We’ve previously heard that Apple is removing the chargers and AirPods from the iPhone 12 box. This would help reduce the price of each unit, but not including power bricks and wired earbuds may be unpopular with customers who are used to these being provided with most new smartphones.

Processor: iPhone 12 will likely have A14 Bionic

Given that the latest iPhones have the A13 Bionic processor, it is highly probable that the next proprietary chipset will be called the A14 Bionic. And like every year, we expect this one to be faster and more efficient than its predecessor. More specifically however, one Apple leaker on Twitter, Komiya, reported that the A14 will have a CPU gain of 40% and a GPU gain of 50%. 

Colors: iPhone 12 Pro may come in dark blue

Last year Apple introduced a midnight green color on the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Whether you like the shade or not, the color variant actually sold well compared to expectations. This year there may be a possibility that Apple will launch another new color, navy blue, on the iPhone 12 Pro according to XDA Developer. This would be on trend since blue is both Pantone’s color pick for the new year (“classic blue”) and Shutterstock included “phantom blue” in its color forecast for 2020.

5G: iPhone 12 may have next-gen connectivity

Several rumors are predicting that Apple will include 5G connectivity this year. More specifically, Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo expects the company to unveil three 5G phones and Fast Company reported that Apple may use its own proprietary 5G antennas.

There are a couple of reasons why the company didn’t jump on the trend in 2019. First, Apple usually isn’t the first in on mobile trends, preferring instead to perfect an emerging technology before committing to it. For example, it was behind its competitors in making phones with 3G and 4G LTE connectivity when those networks just launched. 

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