One of the most well-known chocolate brand company rebrand its logo after 50 years, Cadbury the second-largest confectionery brand after U.S – Mars unveils its new logo. London based designing company Bulletproof has designed this logo and it will launch in the market soon.

With Brand’s new identity and packaging it is launching in Australia, followed by South Africa and Malaysia later in the year, with further markets, including the UK and Ireland, launching at the beginning of 2021.

Before and after image of the logo.

Bulletproof designing company tried not to modify it much played safe side not to risk its brand value as the old logo was globally recognized although the new logo is more appealing compare to the old one. This new logo is also the signature of Jhon Cadbury, new logo is more airy and light. Logo lies in between the fine line between heritage and modernity with new baseline alignment logo seemed more open and contemporary. The glass milk pouring into choc chunk adding more wholesomeness of milk into the chocolate. The work of typography and iconography will indeed stand out in the market as soon as it will hit the shelves next month in Australia. 

Ben Wicks, Global Brand Director at Cadbury said: “Cadbury Dairy Milk is a true icon both in the UK and worldwide – it’s the nation’s favourite chocolate brand, with a rich heritage and feeling of nostalgia for many consumers. Over the last three years, we have been reconnecting with our roots, which is why the new identity is grounded in the original intent behind the brand and celebrates our unique product credentials and iconic distinctive assets in a modern way”.

Nick Rees, global creative director at Bulletproof, says: “We wanted to recapture the very spirit of Cadbury, so part of the research process Taking cues from the archives, the Dairy Milk logotype has been recrafted and a distinctive Dairy Milk pattern based on the original 1905 pack has been created, which gives greater depth and purpose to the iconic Cadbury purple and provides an element of discovery on the packaging”.

PR expert Mark Borkowski said the rebrand by agency Bulletproof could easily top £1million. But he said Cadbury was right to keep changes subtle rather than risk alienating its loyal customers.

According to the company, the new logo will be ‘elevated, authentic and high quality’.

With Logo Here Comes A Brand New Packaging

Including logo, packaging is also renewed by the agency this new packaging is more playful and more catchy different from the old classic regal purple. Brand represents itself more eco friendly by the tag 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, the inner package of the chocolate is golden prints of glass milk pouring into a choc chunk and ribbon making it vintage and royal as its legacy. In all, it has richer and texture in packaging.

In critics point of view, Cadbury is receiving mixed reviews positive as well as negative, many critics said its an eye-catching more modern than the previous one, while some others said the logo is same as the old one except it is slightly tilted and have baseline alignment.

Limited Edition Chocolate Bar In India To Thank ‘Unsung Heroes’ For Fighting COVID-19

Meanwhile in India Cadbury dairy milk, India has launched its new packaging for its chocolate bar showing the gesture of thank to our unsung heroes fighting COVID-19. Its has launched its limited-edition chocolate bars with packaging having written thank you in 8 different languages along its brand logo reflecting national sentiments.

According to reports, Mondezel India has committed a part of the proceeds from the sale towards the insurance of daily wage earners. For the purpose, the company has partnered with Nirmana, NGO that works with the unorganised sector. The limited-edition bars would be launched to express gratitude to essential workers who are constantly braving the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to media reporters, Anil Viswanathan, marketing director (chocolates) said that the Cadbury Dairy Milk as a brand believed that one thing that could “shine a beam of light” in tough times was generosity. He added that they felt a sense of duty as they created a “pack of innovations” that reflected the nation’s sentiment. According to reports, the new chocolates would be priced at Rs 40 for 50gms and would be launched in eight Indian languages- English, Hindi/ Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

Cadbury always try to put something new as it evolves, from accepting new ideas from the customer about new flavor to changing its logo and packaging shows its brand game to achieve the number one. Re-design its logo will be a valuable asset to the company and will do great impact on customer. As they have not changed much in the logo showed that they trying to remain it’s legacy intact.

Businesses often need to re-brand, and it can be a result of many reasons, including international growth, new management, a bad reputation or an outdated image. Re-branding will add freshness to the product. Whatever the reason, it’s important to create a stellar brand that people will remember. Getting a brand re-design wrong can harm its brand image, people will seem distant to the brand, will find it difficult to adjust the product in their lifestyle and thus it will cost a lot to remain progressive in the market. We hope this re-branding will keep Cadbury forward in business and applaud for its generous way to saying thank you to our unsung heroes.

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