Founded in 2015 by Joyeeta Das and David Kell, the startup’s first product Neera is one of the world’s most comprehensive human movement data tools, harvesting information from more than 80 anonymised data points.
London-based data science startup Gyana on Thursday said it has raised $3.9 million (about Rs 28.5 crore) in Pre-Series A round of funding led by Fuel Adventures, Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone, Green Shores Capital, and U+I.
Gyana plans to use the latest round of funding to support growing its product user base while aiding expansion across Europe and India soon.

In November 2019, Advent Management and A91 Emerging Fund invested Rs 9.99 crore each in Hector Beverages. For this transaction, Hector Beverages issued 1,25,711 shares each to Advent Management and A91 Emerging Fund.

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