Coronavirus Pandemic led our whole nation to its unfortunate lockdown with this public transportation goes to null, during this lockdown Ola and Uber these two leading aggregate company has launched their essential ride service to the hospital with the permission of state and central govt.

These emergency services are enabled for medical trips for those who are non-COVID19 and also does not require an ambulance. People who need scheduled check-ups, dialysis, chemotherapy and immediate medical treatment such as injuries can take this essential ride.

Ola Emergency, A Permissible Medical travel across 15 cities

Enabling citizens across the country to access essential medical care with minimum delay, the service is now available in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurugram, Vizag, Nashik, Varanasi, Indore, Bhopal, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Patiala, Mohali, Rourkela and Bhubaneswar. 

Ola began their emergency ride service with Bengaluru, Karnataka with their network of trained drivers. The Company ensures that the cabs have essential protective equipment and also drivers take care of preventive measures in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

B Sriramulu, Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka said, “after the lockdown, all 108 ambulances are being used for COVID-19”. Ola came forward to ensure transportation for emergency scenarios and brook the chaos and gave little relief to the people.

Anand Subramanian, Spokesperson, and Head of Communications, Ola, said after presenting Ola Emergency in Haryana, “Trips to hospitals for medical urgencies are unavoidable, even in the current times. With Ola Emergency, we are able to facilitate trips to and from hospitals across the city through the Ola app. We are grateful to the Haryana Government for the opportunity to collaborate in serving the citizens. With over 100+ Hospitals in the city mapped, ‘Ola Emergency’ will be available 24×7 and will provide citizens with a reliable, convenient, and safe transport solution for medical trips that do not require an ambulance.”

Ola partnered with Delhi state government’s health department to offer free medical transportation to people. Citizens in need of mobility support for any non-COVID medical care can dial 102 and the health ministry team will allocate a cab for the patient to be transported to a hospital free of cost.

Ways to contact Ola service

Users after successful login select the category ‘Enabled for Hospital’ on their Ola android application (app).

Uber Essential available for necessary travel in five cities

Uber India a part of American multinational ride-hailing company also has the same views as rival company Ola they also have launched emergency medical travel named Uber Essential.

Uber India said,” Given the anxieties and disruptions to our daily lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, staying indoors and safe is the need of the hour. But, we understand the need for essential travel, especially given the significant drop in public transportation options, to access critical places like hospitals, pharmacies, etc. ”

Uber Essential is now available in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Nashik, and Hyderabad.

With the full consent of authorities, this limited mobility solution has been providing efficient and reliable transportation for riders only to essential locations. All riders on Uber Essential are mandated to carry relevant documentation to validate their purpose of travel to authorities.

According to Uber India media’s report which they have also mentioned in their blog Essential drivers have been specially trained and issued curfew passes to ensure seamless movement. Uber Essential riders will also receive reminders through in-app messages and emails about basic steps they can take to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Prabhjeet Singh Director-Operations and Head of Cities, Uber India & South Asia, says, “In conformity with government guidelines, we urge people to stay safe and discourage non-essential travel. Through Uber Essential, we are selectively offering rides for essential services to cater to crucial medical travel requirements in Mumbai. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we are leveraging our technology and network of driver-partners to enable citizens to access essential medical services, while simultaneously also helping authorities contain the spread of COVID-19.” In the coming days, Uber plans to extend this service to additional cities across India. 

Prabhjeet Singh also discloses that they have tied up with Big Basket to deliver essential groceries to the customers. Uber has also offered to give mobility to people working in essential services like Banks.

Along with this Uber also launched UberMedics which focus to deliver medicine to the health care workers, a very good initiative by uber to provide this help to them as most of the health care workers are need to take care extra of the patient and rise in the number of positive COVID19 cases is not favouring them at all.

These tied up are good scope to provide these drivers to maintain their income and daily wedges as this pandemic has made the situation unfortunate to our economy.

Ways to contact uber service

The safety helpline number is available under the safety toolkit banner hosted within the Uber app. To reach the safety tool kit, riders can tap the shield icon.

  • Step 1: Rider taps the shield icon to report a non-emergency safety incident, during a tripStep
  • 2: Rider taps the safety helpline icon, hosted within the safety tool kit
  • Step 3: Rider swipes to speak to an Uber representative

For more update contact uber help

After Print Of these Aggregator Company

For  Company it has been seen always profitable for the long run if it connects emotionally to the customer amid this coronavirus pandemic where many countries are in lockdown and only allowed to go out for essential service and essential need, India has also gone for a complete lockdown and in between these time of sorrow and chaos these ride-hailing companies are coming forward to ease the load hanging on people is commendable. By doing this they will win customer’s trust and then customer will more likely to do often rides with them.

“In the backdrop of such challenging scenario, all the employers of public or private establishment are advised to extend their coordination by not terminating their employees”, said by A Labour Ministry official. Ola has started the #DriveTheDriverFund to raise donation for the driver so that they can sustain their daily lives. IN this event of emergency Uber India also trying to help drivers of raising donation through milaap fundraising organisation. These two aggregator company showing their good business skills by launching these two campaigns Ola Emergency and Uber Essential, and doing fundraising by trending hashtag in social platform will boost their social marketing.

India went through its lockdown in the first phase of 21 days and now it’s in its second phase despite of being in lockdown there are still rise in number of cases till now we have recorded 23039 positive cases 17306 active cases 721 deaths and 5012 recovered. Govt. has said to ease lockdown in some area after 20 but only on those places which are in green zones.

The Govt. said area may be divided in zones Green, Orange and Red.

Green zone

The districts with no coronavirus positive cases  would fall in this zone.

Orange zone

The areas of a limited number of cases and has seen no extreme rise in positive cases would fall in this category.

Red zone

The district with a substantial amount of cases and has noticed to rise extreme falls in this zone.

It is a need of an hour that we stay home and travel less as possible, maintain social distancing and pray for a safe world.

These companies are also working in the area to provide Mask and sanitizer. Uber ordered tens of millions more masks and expect them to arrive in other cities and regions around the world in the coming weeks. Supplies are limited and healthcare needs will always take priority, so global shipments will take time.

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