Google Meet Visibility enhancement by zooming.

Tech giant Google has launched a new update in one of its most used features- Google Meet, wherein it will be able to automatically readjust and zoom in the camera to fit the frame.

This will automatically happen before the user enters the meeting to equalize the visibility of participants in the video meeting. This feature does not have admin control.

Because the automatic framing only happens once, there are no motion disturbances that could take attention away from the meeting’s topic. However, the video can always be manually reframed. This feature does not have administrator control. By default, this feature will be disabled, but the user has the option to turn it on.

The new feature is supposed to be released on November 2, the company said. The quality was before announced during the Google Cloud Next 2022.

Meet calls can be transcribed into text now.

Google has also announced that Meet calls can now be transcribed into text by their AI advancements in the feature and the transcribed text can be saved as a Doc file afterward. This saved file will be accessed by Google drive.

Google meet is one of the most popular services from google with a wide range of users across all domains in iOS and Android devices.

This useful feature is, however, available only for the English language on Desktop or Laptop devices. According to Google, the transcript can be downloaded from the associated Google Drive storage and placed in the Google Meet app’s “Meeting Recordings” folder.

Attendees will be informed that the call is recorded before joining the Google Meet call.

The purpose of these transcripts is to record the discussion from the meeting, serve as a record, and be useful to attendees or the host if they want to refer back to a specific section or idea from the entire discussion.

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