Consumer Affairs Ministry did not disclose the names of the e-commerce players to whom the notices were issued 

The Union government issued 202 notices to e-commerce players. It was for incorrect declaration of ‘country of origin’ on products on their platforms in the last year.

The maximum number of such violations were found with respect to electronic appliances, followed by clothing and home products.

Out of 217 notices, 202 notices were issued for violations relating to the ‘country of origin’ norm. The rest 15 notices were for incorrect declaration of date of expiry/best before, address of manufacturer and importers, charging more than MRP, non-standard units and net quantity. When asked why the government was not naming and shaming the companies for violation.

“we are trying to do this exercise to alert both companies as well as consumers”.

Consumer Affairs Secretary:- Leena Nandan

E-filing has been facilitated at district, state and national commission levels since September 2020 through which nearly 3,000 cases have been registered.

“About 76 companies have compounded their offences and ₹42,85,400 been collected by compounding of offences. ,”

Nidhi Khare,
Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) Chief Commissioner and Additional Secretary in the ministry     

Out of 76 companies, 69 companies have compounded their offence for violation of country of origin while four of them for date of expiry and three for violation of address of manufacturer/importers, she added.


About six companies withdrew ads claiming more than 99% efficacy against coronavirus. Four companies agreed to correct their advertisement that claimed more than 99% efficacy against coronavirus.

The ministry is also undertaking a campaign against fake and spurious goods. In the first phase, it is sensitising consumers about counterfeit helmets, domestic pressure cookers and cooking gas cylinders.

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