Startups play a key role in India’s economies, but the COVID-19 crisis is reducing their creation, challenging their survival, and limiting their growth. Business registrations have been dropping significantly in recent months and a missing generation of new firms has significant implications for economic outcomes.

Startups have emerged as key drivers of economic growth and job creation, and are often a catalyst for radical innovation. During the COVID-19 crisis, start-ups have continued to play a critical role for economies. Some innovative young firms have reacted fast and flexibly to the pandemic, and have been critical in helping many countries shift towards fully digital work, education, and health services, and have provided innovations in medical goods and services.

Due to Massive job loss during this pandemic crisis, youth are confuse and feeling so depressed. Lot of are think to start your own, but don’t have idea for startup.


The healthcare sector is growing rapidly in the Indian landscape, both in terms of revenue and increasing market share. The Indian Healthcare industry pegged at $100 billion is expected to grow by 23% by 2020 to $280 billion. This growing market has given rise to many emerging healthtech startups in India. They cater to various healthcare segments, book appointments, sell medicine online, and operate as a commercialized unit of venture.

  1. Online Doctor Appointment Service
  2. Online Booking for Nurse at Home
  3. Medicine Delivery
  4. Men’s Health and Wellness brand
  5. Wearable Fitness Bands
  6. Tel- Medicine Services
  7. Online Marketplace For Mother and Babycare Products
  8. Patient Financing Platform
  9. Med-tech Platform Providing Care For Newborns


From creating platforms to understand the way teaching is done to enhancing interaction between teacher and students, education startups are shaking the industry. Here is a list of educational startups that are redefining the classroom experience.

  1. Online Music Learning Platform
  2. Life/career coach
  3. Teacher at home
  4. Online Requirement
  5. Online Tutoring
  6. Learning Platform for Developers
  7. AI based learning
  8. Online Meat And Seafood Ordering Startup
  9. SAAS Base Education Technology


Agriculture and India share a unique bond. From the sunny wheat-laden farms of Punjab to the windy rice paddy fields of Tamil Nadu, a tropical climate and fecund, mineral-laden land have aided agriculture to flourish in India from time immemorial. In fact, farming is the foundation on which the Indian subcontinent was able to birth its rich civilisations.

  1. Garden designer
  2. AgriTech
  3. Online Grocery Delivery
  4. Ready-to-Cook Food
  5. Organic Products
  6. B2B platform for groceries

Transportation & Logistics

According to the Economic Survey 2017-18, Indian logistics sector, which is currently worth $160 billion, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.5% to reach $215 billion by 2020, owing to the implementation of GST. The government of India is focused on improving the infrastructure of the country, in order to strengthen different sectors like e-commerce, agriculture, and other such sectors that heavily rely on supply chain and logistics.

  1. Logistics, Transportation, Travel
  2. Food and Beverage delivery
  3. Electric Vehicle
  4. Electric bike rental
  5. App based shuttle service
  6. Open-market, freight management platform
  7. Delivery Service
  8. Online Home Rental Marketplace

Tourism & Hospitality

Innovation and creativity have taken over in the current knowledge economy and young entrepreneurs are taking the market by storm including the hospitality industry. A lot of these startups are backed by reputed venture capitalists while a lot of new ones are bootstrapping to make a mark in the startup arena.

Due to Covid 19 This Sector is in trouble but also provide opportunities to youth who are passionate and patience. there are many more area in this sector where youth can work.

  1. Videographer and Video editing
  2. Online Travel planner
  3. Home inspector
  4. Online Application for House cleaner
  5. Event planner
  6. Ticketing, Airline Retailing, and Post-Ticketing Services

Information Technology

Information Technology is the sector which is booming and is in great demand now and in coming years. It is the best sector which the current youth is searching for the startups. For startups it has a wide scope and it has wide area too. Now a days businesses rely on information technology for almost everything we do. Software and apps let you create reports, manage accounts, communicate with suppliers and customers and connect with the outside world via email and the internet.

After Covid 19 the world is totally rely on technology, this sector will booming in near future. If you are looking to start a Startup then below idea with innovation and creativity will help you scale your business.

  1. Ui/Ux Designers & Specialists
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Online Vfx Artist
  5. Online 3d Modeling & 3d Designer
  6. Android/Ios App Development
  7. Youtube Channel
  8. Making Chatbots
  9. Video Analytics
  10. Block Chain, Cryptocurrency
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. Social Media And Chat Entertainment Platform


Everybody wants a piece of land or their own home. It’s the only sure investment. It can never depreciate like a car or washing machine. Land will only double its value in ten years. Now technology has made this easy. You can have all information related to property with few clicks on internet. Real estate industry is using enhanced technologies like Machine Learning, AI and other powerful tools. Real estate became the current trending search among the working employees and students who are away from their hometown.

  1. Online Property manager
  2. Packing services facilitator
  3. SAAS Base Real Estate, ERP


Their are other sectors too where one can create their startups which are profitable too. These are the sectors where one has to think “out of the box” and be ready to take risk. Interestingly, sometimes you need less capital to start in compare to start another startups and you and escalate this another level with little effort.

  1. Ecommerce store owner
  2. Car Taxi Aggregator
  3. E commerce Service
  4. Track Aggregator
  5. Gaming and Entertainment platform
  6. Crowd Sourcing, Freelance
  7. Internet-of-Things Security Solutions
  8. Financial Services, Accounting, Payments.
  9. Online professional services platform for lawyers, corporate bodies, and professionals in India.
  10. Online Financial Services, Lending, Micro Lending.
  11. Real money based gaming startup
  12. Online Eyewear Shopping Portal
  13. Industrial Tools and Equipment
  14. Waste Management Service
  15. Anti-Pollution Solutions and equipment
  16. UPI Payments App
  17. HR Virtual Agent For Employees
  18. Holy Platform Offering Customised Puja Packages To Individuals and Corporates

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