1. India’s eCommerce industry is set to prosper by 84% to $111 billion by 2024.
  2. India’s spends of Q2 2021 across 5 popular eCommerce apps stood at $60+ Mn, more than the combined average spends across Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  3. Top 10 eCommerce apps averaged more than 7 million Daily Active Users (DAU) per app in Q2 2021, up 18 per cent Y/Y.
  4. Average DAU in Vietnam and Indonesia climbed more than 20% Y/Y in Q2 2021.
  5. Southeast Asia is projected to grow at an annual growth rate of 22%, reaching $146 billion by 2025.

With the onset of the festive season, Affle’s MAAS, a unified mobile advertising platform has released an eCommerce report. The title reads ‘The Dawn of the New-Age Shopper. A mobile app store marketing intelligence company headquartered in the US. The report aims to highlight the key emerging trends shaping consumer behaviour across shopping apps in the APAC region. Daily active users (DAUs), monthly active users (MAUs) and retention data. The eCommerce industry in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, with strategic insights on growth opportunities for marketers, advertisers and eCommerce businesses.


“India and Southeast Asia are one of the fastest-growing e-Commerce markets in the world, by 2025. a paradigm shift towards e-Commerce is certain and it continues to happen at a rapid pace. New verticals, niche players continue to spring up across the region that further drive the adoption and penetration of e-Commerce. The measurement of success has evolved and the approach to user growth has changed. Having the right partner to help one through this journey has become paramount and a crucial first checkpoint”

Viraj Sinh, Co-founder, Managing Partner – International (MAAS)

The initial stage of the pandemic in March 2020 had a huge impact on the eCommerce industry. It resulted in a noticeable slowdown of activities. However, eCommerce apps registered peak in-app activities from the beginning of Q3 2020. The consistent upward growth resulted in an 18% Y/Y increase in average DAU for India. And a 20% Y/Y increase in Vietnam and Indonesia, for Q2 2021. India’s shopping app installs surged in July 2021. It surpassed 80 million that month, up more than 15 million M/M. Popular categories of shopping included groceries, grooming/beauty products, apparel, electronics, school and household items etc. The increment of shopping behaviour is truly visible.

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