Google Marketing Platform brings together Double click Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics to help you plan to measure, buy measure and optimize Digital Marketing. It helps to deliver more relevant and effective marketing while ensuring that you respect customer privacy and give to control their data.


Google Marketing Platform:

  1. Display and video
  2. Search Ads
  3. Analytics
  4. Data studio
  5. Optimize
  6. Survey
  7. Tag Manager

Tools of Google Marketing:

1. Google My Business:

It provides features in the search results (as well as Google maps) for a local search like the picture and images.

2. Google Webmaster:

webmaster provides how healthy your websites are in the eyes of Google. Its tools will alert you to any red flags that could prevent your site from getting found in search results, and help to analyze the search traffic means how many users visited the site.

3. Google Suit:

It is a collection of some collaborations tools you can use in place of typical software on your desktop. Using this to share and collaborate on data analyses, ebook, blog posts, surveys, and polls.

4. Google AdWords:

If you want to give your organic search effort to rank in search it might make Google Adwords, Google pay per click product. If you have yet to try it, how it works.
You created ads that you specify the target to your business. Your ads appear at the right of the search results when people search these keywords. The cost of Ads depends on your competitiveness of the keyword you are targeting but only pay that visitors can click the ads.
You can use this Knowledge to Google engine optimization and content creation efforts.

5.Google Adwords Keyword Planner:

Google Adwords

It is a tool to help you plan your AdWords campaigns and also search for new keyword ideas and suggestions to help you with your keyword research as well. you will need to set up an AdWords account to use keyword planner, but that does not mean to create an ad.

6.Double Click search:

If Google AdWords helps you to decide which keyword to target. DCS is half of the SEO of the Google marketing strategy. It is a suite of products by Google to help advertisers make. It measures their ads so that they target at right space online. The tools help you understand which keywords you target given your audience and what is the behavior of the changing in the market in real-time.

7.Google Trends:


It enables you to evaluate the popularity of certain terms. we compare against other keywords variations. we analyze how their popularity varies over time in different regions/languages. It shows a related keyword which is helpful in new suggestion keywords.

8.Google Drive:

This is a free online storage service. It is allowing 15 GB to storage in the form of images, documents, designs, videos. He allows sharing your files and folders with others, making collaborations easy and reducing the headache of the large email attachments.

9.Google Alerts:

It alerts you to monitor the web for mentions of specific keywords or phrases. Once set up, you will receive email alerts and results via RSS whenever the mentioned online. This tool is to stay at the top of your business’s online reputation. It reacts to online mentions of your brand in a timely.

10.Google News:

Newsjacking or capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success. It is a great way to piggyback off the success of a news story that is already getting traction. Using Google news to search and identify news to relevant to your industry with good newsjacking potential.

11.Google Voice:

It is making it easy to manage multiple phone lines, create personalized voicemail messages depending on who’s calling. It easily transcribes voicemail messages. This also allows you to measure how useful a phone number is on your website. If you include this number on a Contact us page, for instance. You can gain insight into the needs and behavior of users who visit your site.

12.Google Calendar:

Being organized is key to being a productive marketer. It is easy to manage your daily routines, meeting and schedule and others. Things get even more efficient if your business uses Google Apps for Work so your colleagues. It can automatically use it to book conference rooms and check employee meeting availability.

13. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics

In this, we can check how many users are visited on the site. It can give you smarter insight into your website traffic. It helps you understand how people are finding and navigating your site.

14.Google FeedBurner:


By setting up a Google FeedBurner account, your site visitors can subscribe to your content. It receives regular updates via their web browsers or email. And considering subscribers are extremely critical to the growth and reach of a business blog, offering subscription options for your content isn’t something you want to overlook.


It is also a marketing tool to grow your can create a youtube channel and we upload the video related to business.


16.Google Adsense:

Google adsense

Adsense is a perfect tool for marketers who manage and create content for growing internet property. If you apply youtube partner program and host ads your videos, you are actually required to have an AdSense account. The tool connects your web property with a network of advertisers who are looking to host ads on a channel that appeals to their audience. if you manage a blog, website, or video channel that matches the audience of an active advertiser, AdSense will place their ad on your property, bill the advertiser, and pay you for hosting it.

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