Summer season is now and wedding time is also going on. This a big question in mind, what to wear at the wedding? Which color is best for summer?

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We love summer weddings, and so have put together our best tips and advice on summer wedding attire to guarantee that you’re the most stylish attendee time after time.  Do take your cue regarding the level of formality for a summer wedding from the invitation. If no dress code is given, you can bet that the fancier the invitation, the dressier the occasion. DO look for dresses in pretty feminine prints like floral, and in bright cheerful colors that wouldn’t feel right during the colder months. (Examples would be pink, lavender, mint green, peach or light blue.) Do remember that weddings after 6 p.m. are traditionally more dressy than daytime ceremonies, and adjust your outfit and accessories accordingly.

Do feel comfortable wearing something you already wore to a spring wedding—repeat dresses are easy if you just change up the accessories.
Summer weddings call for light fabrics that breathe.

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What We Wear in Summer Wedding season

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