Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd founder Mukesh Ambani said that Jio has developed its own 5G technology at the 43rd annual general meeting of Reliance Industries Ltd.

“This made-in-India 5G solution will be ready for trials as soon as 5G spectrum is available and can be ready for field deployment next year,” Ambani said. “Once Jio’s 5G solution is proven at India-scale, Jio Platforms would be well positioned to be an exporter of 5G solutions to other telecom operators globally, as a complete managed service.”

Mukesh Ambani Announcing that they going to start 5G trail, which is 100% design and develop in India. that technology empower our technology revolution in coming time. Jio, which began operations in 2016, has filed for 134 patents of which 29 have been granted. In its newest annual report, the Mukesh Ambani-led telco mentioned Jio had filed for 31 patents in FY20 alone and was granted 10. Experts mentioned opponents have the first-mover benefit.

However, according to various industry experts Jio will face stiff challenges as it enters the 5G club and offers its product to operators globally, with rivals Huawei, Nokia and Ericsson ahead in developing the technology and in filing patents.

“Jio is the latest entrant in 5G technology and its competitors like Huawei, Ericsson and Qualcomm have had a head start. It will take Jio some time to catch up with its rivals,”

Nirupam Lodha, a partner at L&L Partners who specializes in patent laws

Setting Chinese vendors aside, only a handful of telecommunications network infrastructure (telco NI) vendors have global operations and scope across multiple product areas, Ericsson and Nokia dominating in mobile.

This could be one of the reasons why experts say a lot of competitors have the first-mover advantage.

“Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung would already have acquired patents with regard to components underlying the 5G technology. With already existing patents, it would be formidable for Jio to pace up,”

Advait M Sethna, a specialist in IP telecom and constitutional law

Huawei claims to be the top patent-holder for 5G technologies worldwide. “We held 20% of all 5G patents till June 2020,” claimed the Chinese company in an email to ET. Jio, which started operations in 2016, has filed for 134 patents of which 29 have been granted. According to its latest annual report, Jio had filed for 31 patents in FY20 alone and was granted 10.

Finland’s Nokia said it holds more than 3,000 patents that are essential for 5G. Sweden’s Ericsson said it spends 17% of its sales on R&D every year and has an India focus as well.

Huawei due to its alleged links to the Chinese state and army faces challenges in some of the markets to deploy its 5G technology. They have been accused of cyber snooping, which they have denied. This may prove advantageous to Ericsson and Nokia and open a window of opportunity for Jio.

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