Nanoclean Global Private Limited is one of the leading Start-up companies into the development of preventive measures for polluted air and products for air filtration. They aim to expertise in manufacturing of various high efficiency air filter media, regenerative medicines, molecule filtration, performance textile, drug delivery methods and other specialized medical products. They focus on high end research at an extensive level with highly qualified team and aim to pair the developed technology with the manufacturing processes to generate products targeted at the aforementioned agenda. Developed by a team from IIT Delhi. Nasofilters, is a nasal filter that sticks to your nose and prevents the entry of pollutants (PM2.5) in your body. And guess what? it’s nearly invisible. There is a minimal pressure drop while using Nasofilters, so you do not experience any breathing discomfort. Many polluted cities like Delhi- NCR are so polluted that Doctors have said people going outdoors are risking their health. Till the air in cities become clean, you can comfortably eat, play and laugh while wearing Nasofilters!

Live healthier life as you stay protected from finest of air
pollutants, dust, pollen allergy & bacteria, when you
breathe pure air with Nasofilters

On 13th february 2019 LetsVenture, PitchRight Venture, 91SpringBoard, AL Nour International Holdings and Mark V Investments invested amount 600,000 in Nano Clean Global.

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